About Bushman Beard Co

Bushman Beard Co. was created as a sister company to our popular women’s line,  Vintage Body Care.  On multiple occasions, men were asking us for products specific to them – especially specific to maintaining their beards.  So, we thought, why should only the women get the good stuff?  Then after months of planning and product testing, viola… Bushman Beard Co. came to life.


We love beards and we love making these products – especially coming up with new and interesting recipes and fragrances.  All of our recipes contain 100% sustainable ingredients.  We have taken months to source some of these ingredients.  Bushman Beard Co. will always take the extra time and spend the extra money to develop recipes and source ingredients that are eco-certified and fair trade.  We always choose organic ingredients when possible – giving your skin and your beard the purest natural product possible.