Bushman Beard Co

Bushman Beard Company

Bushman Beard Co. is a small family owned business committed to manufacturing all natural and organic products to help care for your beard and the skin that lies beneath it.  We source only fair trade ingredients, choosing organic when possible.  When you purchase from Bushman Beard Co. you will be getting a product made with the highest quality ingredients available; your beard and face will be able to tell the difference.  Quality ingredients make quality products.  We never use synthetic ingredients – all of our products are as natural as possible…just like that awesome beard on your face!

Why Use Beard Oil

The hair on your face needs to be taken care of just like the hair on your head.  It needs shampoo.  It needs conditioner.  It sometimes even needs to be combed.  Because your beard is coarse and more prone to split ends and damage, it also needs deep conditioning/leave in conditioning.  This is where beard oil comes in.  If you haven’t already started using beard oil, it’s definitely worth it!  It will turn your beard from coarse and dry to softer and manageable…Something the ladies truly love.  Beard oil also gives that much needed moisture to the skin that lies beneath.  It takes the itch away that most men suffer from while growing or maintaining a beard.

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